Wednesday, 19 June 2013


lame dah rasenye tak berblogging~ hahahahx!! sooo.. actly tetibe arine teringat satu cerite yg etty bace kat somewhare.. cerite ne cerite budak2.. but.. really touched by kindness of the traveler 2..  rajin?? bace laa.. fahami maksudnye~ etty ske sgt~  


There's this foolish traveler who was on a journy. when u ask how foolish he was, see, he would always be immediately swindled. He was tricked by the people in the city, and he had his money, his clothes, and his shoes cheated away from him. However, the traveler was a fool, so he was deeply moved when the townspeople said that they were helped by " i wish u happiness, i wish u happiness."  
At last, the traveler had become completely naked, and since even this traveler had become ashamed, he decided to travel throught the forest. And then, this time, he met the goblins that lived in the woods. The goblins wanted to eat the traveler's body, and they deceived him with their flattering word. Of course, the traveler was tricked, and gave them 1 leg and 1 arm.
In the end, the traveler had become just a head, and he gave his eyes to the last one of them. that goblin, as he was eating the traveler's eyes, said "thank you, in gratitude, i give u this present," and left something. However, it was just a slip of paper, that had "fool" written on it. Still, the traveler cried great tears. " Thank you, Thank you. This is my first present ever. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Thank you, Thank you," he said, as from the eyes he had lost, he shed great tears. And then, the traveler died just like that.

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